Getting around the city

On foot: The main points of interest in the historic city centre can be visited on foot, starting at Coimbra A station, the main car-parks and the more central hotels. The riverside parks are also pleasant places for walking. Many shopping streets in the centre are traffic-free.

By car: Traffic in Coimbra can flow relatively smoothly, but parking in the centre is scarce and often expensive. In the University area parking is practically impossible. For short stays, it’s advisable to use one of the many underground car-parks in the city centre. For a longer stay, use one of the free riverside car-parks, such as the one on the Santa Clara side of the river.

By taxi: Coimbra’s taxis are available by telephone or from taxi-ranks. There is a fixed initial charge, plus a fee depending on the length of the journey, shown on the taximeter.

City transport: Coimbra has a good urban transport network, with daily tickets for tourists. There is also the Funtastic, a panoramic bus that visits the city’s main points of interest. There is also the "Tuk Tuk city tour” a one-hour bike ride for up to 6 persons with stops in the main interest points.

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