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The regional headquarters of the Ordem dos Engenheiros - Host of FIG Commission 7 meetings


Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente Host of the Geoconference

Geoconference on Cadastre 4.0
Fig Commission 7 Annual Meeting 2016

24-28 October 2016 | Coimbra, Portugal

FIG Commission 7, in cooperation with "Ordem dos Engenheiros (OE)" (the Portuguese Engineers Professional Association) is pleased to invite you to the Commission 7 Annual Meeting 2016 and to the Geoconference on "Cadastre 4.0 - Transparency-Participation-Collaboration”, both to be held in Coimbra/Portugal, 24–28 October 2016.

The FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting continues to be an excellent opportunity for land surveyors from around the world to meet up and hear first-hand about cadastral developments in different scenarios, to share experiences, and to learn about what is happening in this particular sector of activity.

In the Geoconference on "Cadastre 4.0 - Transparency-Participation-Collaboration” invited speakers will share with the participants their knowledge on new technologies and automatization of processes, products and services. Participants will be able to discuss about how transparency can happen, participation can be held and collaboration can be more visible.

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